Artist Transforms Pokemon Go Glitches Into Literal Monsters

Sometimes when Pokemon Go glitches out, the game displays different monsters merging with together to create a creature so grotesque, you wouldn’t want it in your Pokedex.

However, one artist is using these Pokemon Go glitches as inspiration for completely new, disturbing monsters.

@BrachyZoid’s Twitter feed has, for the last few weeks, has been re-imagining screenshots sent by fans. What started as a simple bug has spawned something much more sinister.

Take a look at BrachyZoid’s horrible beasts below:

That Rattata fused with a Paras is certainly disturbing but wait until you see what @Poke_Parada did with it. It is a true abomination:

Nightmares til the end of time.

What do you think the most disturbing fusion between two Pokemon would be?

Let us know in the comments!

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