Pokemon GO Hater Gets Shut Down in Epic Fashion

Practically the whole world has been out having fun hunting for Pokemon with the massive popularity of Pokemon GO, except for this prickly pear.

This Vancouver man had enough of Pokemon GO players on his property and posted this letter urging them to “get a life.”

The fed up man’s note went viral and inspired Scottish comedian Joe Heenan to post his own lawn sign, imploring Pokemon GO as well as those who haven’t tried the augmented reality game to “enjoy life in response:

Heenan has yet to play Pokemon GO and doesn’t really have any interest in trying the game, but he told BuzzFeed News that he “just got fed up with all the negativity surrounding it.”

“The world is a pretty horrible place at the moment, so what’s wrong with people going out and enjoying themselves?” he added.

“The world is too cynical a place now and I just thought a positive message is what was needed,” he said.


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