Pokemon GO Player Catches Scandalous Moment on Camera!

Pokemon Go has led to some pretty astounding things such as finding dead bodies, finding lost little girls as well as love. But just the other day, a Pokemon Go player stumbled upon a salacious scandal…

When this teenager from the Dominican Republic went out to catch some Pokemon, he probably would have never expected to see two shadowy figures getting down to business in the window of a consultancy firm. And by “down to business,” we mean SEX.

As teens are wont to do, he filmed the pair going at it in this extremely blurry footage which was later broadcast on enfocate.net. Take a look at the two late-night lovers below.


The firm Bextro Consultora, based in the capital of Santo Domingo, has since said it is dealing with the matter internally and the people involved have been identified.

A company secretary was initially identified as the woman in the tape but she has since proven it was not her because she has much bigger boobs than the woman in the video.

She told local news: “The video shows the silhouette of a young woman whose bust is approximately a cup size A whereas I am a DD.”

Regardless of how you feel about Pokemon GO as a game, you have to admit that news stories like these are why the augmented reality game is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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