Yes, Official Pokémon Lingerie is a Real Thing

Pokémon has been going all out for their 20th anniversary, allowing gamers everywhere to celebrate the landmark game franchise in any way they see fit…including in the bedroom. Pokémon has heard your cries for official Pokémon lingerie and has delivered. Sort of…

Via Kai-You, here is a new collection of Pokémon undergarments for Yummy Mart, a new Japanese lingerie brand spun off by lingerie company Peach John. These are officially licensed, but sadly, not for sale.

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Thankfully, there are more practical items, too, such as towels, underpants and pajamas, which will be available starting April 20 in Japan.

You can see pricing and more on Yummy Mart’s official site.

I wish I could explain why the official Pokémon lingerie is not going to be for sale. Maybe it’s creepy but I know I wouldn’t be fazed by my girlfriend wearing nothing but Pikachu’s adorable face.

How do you feel about Pokémon lingerie? Sexy or simply poor taste?

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