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Possible Project Scorpio Feature: FPS Counter

Fans want proof that Project Scorpio is the best on the market

Project Scorpio is branding itself as the most powerful console to date, and some fans want to see the numbers to back that up.

Besides the specs that were revealed last week, avid gamers are craving to see one stat in particular visible on Project Scorpio: a reliable FPS counter.

Source: Jez Corden

The Dev Kit teases the possibility

It seems the Scorpio Dev Kit already features a frame rate mini-screen on the front of the system. Jez Corden of Window’s Central released a teaser video of the Dev Kit earlier this week on Twitter. About six seconds into the video, the frame focuses on a front-facing panel that appears to display the FPS as well as a few other stats.

Is this really a good idea?

Currently, the stats in the video look to be an animated demonstration and it’s debatable if this will be a real feature of Project Scorpio – as may not bode well for Microsoft.

While plenty of enthusiasts would love to see their exact frames-per-second, this has the potential to backfire for Microsoft. Imagine the influx of complaints from gamers whose FPS drops too low for their standards. I can just see the Twitter wars now, a massive flurry of pics to see whose FPS is the lowest.

If Microsoft did include a frame rate counter on the final product, it would be a ballsy demonstration of their confidence. But it’s not like Microsoft has ever been overconfident in a product before… *cough* Windows 8.

More breaking news on Project Scorpio as it happens.

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