Preston Garvey’s Reaction When You Become a Raider in Fallout 4: Nuka World

Fallout 4 NPC Preston Garvey drew the ire of the internet last year for sending players on endless settlement liberation questions. Most of the time, these settlements were under attack by raiders. And though it was mostly a huge nuisance, the new Fallout 4 DLC Nuka World lets the player become a raider.

Therefore, this new wrinkle begs the question: “What would Preston Garvey do if a player takes him along for a raid?” 

By in large, Preston will disapprove of smaller moral choices around the theme park. However, if you take over a settlement as a raider with Preston Garvey as your sidekick, he will totally lose it.

Watch what happens when Preston Garvey realizes his old pal the Sole Survivor has become a raider courtesy of YouTuber FluffyNinjaLlama:

“I trusted you, and then you joined up with the scum that prey on the Commonwealth?” Preston asks before disowning you as a general and friend.

What Preston fails to realize is that he and his Minutemen need the Raiders. Just like how Batman, as much as he would probably hate to admit it, needs the Joker. Without their mutual push and pull, there is nothing.

Of course, joining the raiders might not be such an attractive option if Preston Garvey hadn’t had been so pushy about liberating settlements for the last year…

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