Project Scorpio Dev Kit Released

It’s a hefty machine

It’s hardly been a week since Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio specs through Digital Foundry, but already they’re releasing information about the developer kit. The company sent images and details to Gamasutra, in an attempt to show how simple the kit is to work with, as well as emphasise its power.

Xbox Scorpio Dev Kits
Source: Gamasutra

Last week’s details showed Scorpio to run off of 12GB of GDRR5 RAM with a custom built CPU; the dev doubles RAM usage to 24GB. Ultimately, it’s not a good judge as to how the actual console will perform, however it does act as a statement of intent from Microsoft, providing developers with an easy model in the same way that Sony did four years ago with the PlayStation 4.

“We spent a ton of effort on reducing iteration time for developers,” Kevin Gammill told Gamasutra. “Everything from quickly getting dev kits up and running, to the fast transfer cable, all of that is focused towards tightening that iteration loop. Where a developer can debug, fix the bug, redeploy, test. That all needs to be as tight as possible, because the faster they can do that, the better the game’s gonna be. The better the game is, the happier they’re going to be and the happier the player is going to be.”

Aside from being easier for developers to create games on, Gammill also hopes that Project Scorpio will be able to upscale any game above 900p to 4K, something that Sony attempted with Update 4.50, in which they enabled ‘boost mode’ for non-4k native titles. Scorpio therefore looks like a console serious about improving past experiences as well as new ones.

Xbox Scorpio Dev Kits
Source: Gamasutra

What do you think about Project Scorpio so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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