Does Project Scorpio Spell the End for Kinect?

No port, no Kinnection

We learnt many details about Project Scorpio’s hardware from the reveal through Digital Foundry, one of those being that Microsoft’s new console won’t have a Kinect port.

This is nothing new, as the Xbox One S before it followed a similar path. Instead, Microsoft offered a $40 adapter, so that owners could plug their Kinect in to the console’s USB port. The company did offer this to Xbox One or Xbox Kinect owners for free, but that offer expired a month ago. When Polygon reached out to Microsoft for a statement, it responded with the following:

Kinect will be compatible with Project Scorpio via the Xbox Kinect Adapter and the experience will not change due to the connection.

The Xbox Kinect Adapter program was a limited-time offer, in tandem with the launch of Xbox One S in August 2016, to ensure that gamers who own a Kinect for Xbox One could seamlessly enjoy all the same Kinect benefits on the Xbox One S via a free adapter.

While the Xbox Kinect Adapter program is no longer being offered, the adapter will continue to be available for purchase at participating retailers, including the Microsoft Store.

It’s a dramatic shift for a company which saw the product as integral to their consoles, even packaging it in with the original Xbox One. Critics of Kinect felt that it increased the price of the console, without offering owners much more.

What do you think about Microsoft deciding to leave a Kinect port out of Project Scorpio? Let us know in the comments section below.

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