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PS4 Reaches 60 Million Shipped

78 million projected by this time next year.

Sony has shipped 60 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date, as it released its earnings for the last fiscal year (April 1st 2016 to May 31st 2017).

The video gaming giant shipped 2.9 million consoles over the last three months of the fiscal year, 0.6 million more than over the same period last year. In total 20 million consoles were shipped over the whole last fiscal year, up from 17.7 during the previous one. Whilst this doesn’t represent the exact number of PS4 consoles sold, the fact that as of January 1st 53.4 million had been purchased shows it wouldn’t be too far off the shipment figures.

The company is expecting to ship less this fiscal year, but the 18 million forecast would still put the total figure at 78 million. The PlayStation 3 shipped around 80 million units, so the current generation’s console is catching up quickly. There’s no doubt that Sony will have its eyes on the magic 100 that its first two systems achieved.

Game and Network Services, the company’s PlayStation division, saw a 6.3% increase in revenue to $14.73 billion even though console prices have fallen, mainly due to the increase in hardware and software sales. Operating income for the gaming division rose to $1.21 billion even though it fell to $2.57 billion throughout the company as a whole.

The full financial report is here.

Do you think Sony will manage to hit over 100 million consoles shipped? Let us know in the comments section below.

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