PUBG Shows Off New Visual Design for the Erangel Map

Over the last few months, the PUBG Corp development team have been working on a sizable update to the game’s Erangel map. While, in the past, players turned to options like PUBG ReShade to address visual issues, this new update should give Erangel significantly more than a fresh coat of paint. The PUBG Erangel map was the very first to feature in the game, and as a result, newer maps have outstripped its visual quality and design. As such, the developers have been working on a major visual redesign. Now, players can get their first look at the new map, and also try it out for themselves over the next few days.

The Visual Redesign of the PUBG Erangel Map

In their latest development update post, the PUBG developers shared a visual update video of the PUBG Erangel map. This video shows a series of before and after shots of the map, revealing just how much effort the team are putting into this redesign. Not only has the map had a visual and textural overhaul, but many map assets have been replaced entirely with more realistic alternatives.

Work began on the Erangel update back in March, when the developers addressed map loot, and it seems as though work is nearly complete. While the update hasn’t yet gone live, players do now have the ability to play on the overhauled map. The latest version of the map should now be available on the PUBG Test Server. Only available on PC, this server is available from the 6th of June to the 8th of June for a period of 48 hours. During this first phase of access, players can only play Partner Custom Matches. The regular Custom Match and Erangel Custom Match modes are the only ones which will be available. Moreover, only official PUBG partners can create Custom Match sessions. Anybody else can join lobbies in order to play on the map.

PUBG Erangel Map Redesign

A second phase of server access will begin at 8:00 PM PDT on the 8th of June and end 72 hours later, on the 11th. During this phase, Public Custom Matches will also be available, as well as Quick Join. Only Squad Mode will be available, but all players can play as they want. Full details can be found on the PUBG website.

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