Punch Club Makes $1 Million in 10 Days Thanks To Twitch

2016 has its first indie hit and it is Punch Club!

Boxing simulator Punch Club has sold over 100,000 copies across PC and iOS since its Twitch-powered launch earlier this month, making over $1 million in the process. Rather than scrape together a marketing budget to get the word out on the Punch Club, TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games decided to put it on Twitch and let the community play it concurrently before it was released. At any given time, there was roughly 400 people playing Punch Club on the live streaming site, using hashtag comments to make decisions. As an added incentive to participate, every time the in-game hero won a fight, the TwitchPlaysPunchClub chat bot dropped a redeemable Steam code for the full game into the live chat.

While some gamers loved the unusual launch method, others complained that they couldn’t immediately play a game they’d pre-ordered. Regardless of how one feels about the method, you can’t argue with the results. Rather than get swept up in an oversaturated market, leveraging the Twitch Plays phenomenon to promote Punch Club has paid off handsomely in just 10 days.

TinyBuild now plans to release Punch Club on Android on January 28. It’s also planning to add a big content update at the end of February, which will expand the storyline of the game developed by Russian studio Lazy Bear Games.

What do you think of launching a game via Twitch Plays? Nasty gimmick or brilliant use of the medium? Let us know how you feel about Punch Club’s unorthodox launch or the game in general in the comments.

Get the game now on Steam or iOS now.

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