Rage of the Righteous: A New Free-to-Play Open World MMO

Another exciting MMO title from developer EZfun.

Rage of the Righteous is the latest MMO game from developer EZfun, notable for their smash hit Dynasty Blades: Warriors MMO. The game’s characters and lore grab inspiration from legendary tales such as The Monkey King and A Journey to the West. Players choose a hero, with each hero having a different weapon set. Players will also choose two separate weapon styles that you can switch between during combat. Like classic MMOs, the game features open world PvP events, dungeons, bosses, and an upgrade system for your hero.

Rage of the Righteous includes a faction system that makes players align their hero with one of three nation states. Your character fights for your nation’s glory as you battle dungeon bosses and monsters. Live combat between players of opposing factions makes the game feel like it’s alive. Players can travel through the open world border zones and challenge other players in battle, and can call upon powerful allies to aid your hero.

One of the more unique features of the game is how players can run their character for government office and lead your nations “Empire.” You choose how you want your hero to run your Empire and will be faced with decisions that affect your nation. You’ll also be able to appoint other players to positions of power to help lead your Empire.

Rage of the Righteous is great for players looking for a fast-paced action game, and considering it’s a free to play mobile title, it offers many features associated with other classic MMOs. The game has been out since last month and is already gaining a huge player base.

EZfun’s Rage of the Righteous is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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