Relax, Clash of Clans Is Not Shutting Down in February

Disregard the rumours, Clash of Clans isn’t going anywhere.

There’s been a rumour floating around the internet that Supercell is planning to shut down Clash of Clans’ servers by the end of February. Well, disregard it because the rumour is not true.

Supercell staffer Anoushka took to the forums recently to address the rumour, which was vehemently denied. They wrote:

“I got quite a few private messages during the weekend about this subject, so just to make it clear: this image that’s been going around Clash social media channels, of a Forum post supposedly written by me and stating that Clash of Clans’ servers will be shutting down on February 29 or what not, is completely fake.

In other words: no, Clash of Clans’ servers are NOT shutting down by the end of February.”

Seeing as how Clash of Clans is one of the biggest grossing mobile games on both Google Play and iTunes App and that they just enlisted Academy Award-winning actor Christoph Waltz as their newest spokesperson, shutting down Clash of Clans would make zero sense.

While there is no shutdown in sight, Supercell is in the midst of releasing a new update for the popular mobile game. The new update, titled The Treasury Update, will add new Treasury, Star Bonus and Loot Cart to the game. So if you have recently gone on hiatus from playing the popular mobile game, this might be the best time to consider a return.

What would you have done if Clash of Clans suddenly shut down at the end of February? Let us know how you would have coped with the sudden loss of this super popular mobile game in the comments.

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