Reminder: Don’t Believe the Hype

Rumors run rampant in the world of video games, especially in the lead up to E3. Unconfirmed reports rise and fall so quickly you might mistake it for Wall Street. See the unconfirmed reports on the Xbox Next for proof of this claim.

Now, one popular Battlefield 5 rumor that spread across the internet like wildfire has been debunked.

This particular rumor originated on Reddit. It stated that Battlefield 5 was set during World War II and would be subtitled Eastern Front. Naturally, gamers starved for a cool new WII shooter ran with it, but it seems that their excitement couldn’t will truth to the rumor.

In a new video, The Lanky Soldier / Honest Battlefield Supporter came forward to confirm that he had faked the poster, and even showed us how easy it was to do so. Some of you may want to chastise him for trolling, but ultimately, he’s taught us a valuable lessson: DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Watch The Lanky Soldier reveal how he fooled the internet into believing an unsubstantiated Battlefield 5 rumor below. And always remember, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Battlefield 5 is set to be officially unveiled on May 6. The rumours that it’s set during World War I or II do persist though. It’d certainly help to set them apart from their main rivals, Call of Duty, who just announced their next game will be–at least partially–set in space.

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