REPORT: Nintendo To Announce Pokémon Sun and Moon Tomorrow

What are Pokémon Sun and Moon? They are recently discovered logos registered in the European Union’s trademark database, unearthed by the always on-point NeoGAF. Could they perhaps be video games? Video games that will be announced during tomorrow’s latest Pokémon Direct broadcast to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary?

Because Nintendo is holding a Pokémon Direct tomorrow at 10am Eastern, many believe that these logos for Pokémon Sun and Moon are new Pokémon games that will be announced at the event. If not, it seems like a wasted opportunity to announce new games.

It is worth noting that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have registered trademarks for many names of would-be games that never actually come out. For example, “Pokémon Gray” and “Pokémon Delta Emerald” are both registered trademarks but have never amounted to anything more than fan speculation.

If new Pokémon games are being announced tomorrow, what do you hope to find in the new games?

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