Revelation Online Open Beta is Live

Revelation Online comes to North America in this fantasy MMORPG

On March 6, the newest MMORPG wrestled its way into an already overcrowded genre with the launch of its open beta. Originally developed for the Asian market, Revelation Online is a free-to-play fantasy-based game now available in North America and Europe.

So, about this game…

Revelation Online is a self-proclaimed “ambitious” MMO aimed to please gamers of all interests and experience levels. It’s a bold statement, but if the game really does include even half the content listed on its website, it may be accurate.

Revelation Online Warrior


There are six different character classes to choose from and extensive customization options. The game also includes a vast amount of gear, costumes, and accessories. In other words, you are in full control of your character’s appearance and may get lost for hours just figuring out what eye shape or belt you like best.

For the gamer who prefers to quest alone, solo dungeons allot the opportunity for epic gear without the need to play with others. Like hanging out with your guildies? There are plenty of 5-man dungeons and 10-man raids to test your teamwork and abilities. Six world bosses roam the land of Nuanor and guilds will have to earn the rights to face off against one of these overlords.


Revelation also includes an open world PVP system. Once above level 40, players can attack others also above the set level. However, it’s not as easy as some MMOs. If the player you chose to attack doesn’t attack back, you’ll be the one at a loss – from item durability reductions to losing some of your precious currency.

Revelation Online PVP


Tired of 1v1 PVP? Battle for controllable territories within the world of Nuanor through Sieges. Here, you’ll fight against your fellow gamer and NPCs for control. If you’ve conquered the ground, take to the skies. You can battle for aerial territories too.

Other PVP components include:

  • Battle Arenas: 3v3 or last man standing.
  • Battlegrounds: 10×10, 20×20, or 30v30 with different modes like Warfare or Capture the Flag.
  • Guild Wars: get your guildies together for 30v30 or even 50v50 battles between guilds and let the rivalries soar.

It’s free… but there’s a catch

Get ready to free up a bit of space on your hard drive. Unlike others of its kind, which tend to be browser based, there is a client download. On the bright side, this tends to point towards better graphics, smoother gameplay, and an overall stronger gaming experience.

Revelation Online Gunslinger


While on the surface Revelation Online seems similar to other fantasy MMORPGs, it already has a following overseas and boasts massive amounts of content for a free-to-play game. Whether going solo in the latest dungeon or battling mid-air for control of aerial territories, it really does seem like there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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