Rocket League’s Basketball-Themed “Dunk House” Arrives This April

When I first heard of Rocket League, I was skeptical as hell. You mean to tell me there is a game that combines FIFA and cars and it’s actually super fun? To this day, on paper, Rocket League doesn’t sound like it should be a success. And hopefully for developer Psyonix, lightning will strike more than once as they are about to add a new game mode: Dunk House.

As you might have guessed, Dunk House is Rocket League’s basketball-themed game mode that will be combining cars and basketball this April.

Dunk House mode requires players to score goals – or points – via an aerial hoop.

Happily, the new mode is being added to the game for free, along with a fresh map to play it on.

Rocket League has racked up more than 12m downloads since its launch last year (although 8m of those were when it was a free PlayStation Plus title). Still, with the help of its new Xbox One version and its various add-ons (such as the Back to the Future and Batmobile cars) it has now raked in more than $70m (it cost $2m to make).

What do you think of this new free game mode coming to Rocket League? Can cars playing basketball really work? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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