Rockstar Isn’t a Fan of the BBC’s GTA Movie

The Gamechangers is a 90-minute BBC TV movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton. It’s been billed by the BBC as a “factual drama” centered around the creation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise in Edinburgh, Scotland and the legal troubles it faced after game lawyer Jack Thompson’s sought to blame the game for the shooting of three police officers in Alabama.

With Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe starring as GTA co-creator Sam Houser and Bill Paxton (Apollo 13, Titanic and our personal favourite Monolith) as moralist lawyer Jack Thompson, The Gamechangers sounds like it has the potential to be worth a watch…on paper. The most discouraging thing about the movie: Rockstar Games’ salty response to the movie.

After The Gamechangers aired on Tuesday night, the Rockstar Twitter account took shots at the GTA movie, which it had no involvement in.

The movie hasa been embroiled in controversy before it even debuted. Some of the original Grand Theft Auto developers said that the only fact the GTA movie got right is that the franchise exists. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two recently filed a lawsuit against the BBC regarding the movie’s use of the Grand Theft Auto intellectual property, but not to stop the film from airing.

Resident’s of the UK can watch The Gamechangers today through the BBC’s iPlayer. The broadcaster has not announced plans to launch the movie in other territories.

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