Gamer Gets Rude Awakening While Playing Counter-Strike

Whether it’s getting sniped by a camper or realizing that your team is trash, Counter-Strike has always been a game full of rude awakening. However, all our Counter-Strike rude awakening pale in comparison to this gamer’s story that he recently shared on an AskReddit thread.

This gamer and his friends were playing Counter-Strike together online, and communicating via Skype. One of the friends decided to share a link to the rest of the group, a link to a sexually explicit video. On the site that hosted the video, there was an ad that caught their attention more than the actual video because the ad led to an entire profile set up for his girlfriend. Apparently, she used to make money on the side by providing live cam shows for paying customers.

It also looks like this guy’s girlfriend had made a name for herself on other websites. He shared the link with his gaming buddies via Skype and they found over 20 video of his girlfriend on multiple cam sites.

Here’s his take on the whole matter:

“My lads and I were getting done playing some cs and shooting the shit when someone dropped a gonewild link in the skype call saying we had to check it out. the video was okay but on the site something else caught my eye. one of the girls on the site looked like my girlfriend. it was a smaller pic in a collage to a site and when I followed the URL sure enough it was her. She had a profile vidoes the whole thing. I couldn’t move I was in full body shock. Without thinking I sent the link in the skype group. Hoping to get help from my friends. They helped all right, they found another 20+ videos of my girlfriend on various cam websites.

Later, he decided to update the AskReddit thread. Here’s the FAQ

  1. We aren’t rich. I pay for almost everything. I don’t understand why she was doing this if it wasn’t for the money. Seriously she doesn’t buy anything and I have seen her bank account.

  2. I am not mad at my friends for looking at her. It was obviously a crazy time in my life and they supported me the way they though would help.

  3. Yes we broke up.

What would you do if you were caught in this type of situation? Would you be pissed to have your Counter-Strike session ruined?

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