Save Meek Mill From Drake & 50 Cent in This New Free Game

2015 wasn’t Meek Mill’s year. Last year, Drake won their beef in spectacular fashion with his song Back to Back. Meanwhile, 2016 hasn’t been much kinder to Meek Mill either. This month, 50 Cent has been mercilessly attacking the MMG rapper with mocking memes on Instagram.

But now, fans still faithful to Meek Mill can help the rapper get his groove back by playing this new free-to-download game, Meeky Mill. Developed by Otaku Gang, the 2D-side scroller has players take control of the down-on-his-luck rapper where according the game’s synopsis: “Your mission is simple: Help Meek get $1,000,000 before he takes too many losses from 50 Cent and Drake.”

It remains to be seen how this game will help Meek Mill’s real life problems with rival rappers. If anything, this new free game seems like an elaborate troll on the rapper and whatever remains of his fanbase as we feel like it will probably appeal more to 50 and Drake fans that want to see Meek get impaled by spikes and blown up with bombs than anyone who wants to save Meek Mill.

Regardless of whether you wish salvation or devastation on Meek Mill, take a look at the demo video below.

Click here to download the Meeky Mill game for free on PC or Mac so you can help him get his mojo back.

How many tries do you think it will take for you to get Meek up to a million? It took us upwards of 50 times, I’m ashamed to admit. Let us know how quickly you get money in the comments!

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