This Smash Bros. Choose Your Own Adventure Will Make You Feel Like an eSports Pro

Ever wonder what it would be like to play Super Smash Bros. Melee at the highest level? Well thanks YouTuber Stabby McKniferson‘s Tool Assisted Superplay, a Smash Bros. Choose Your Own Adventure, you can now feel what it is like to be among the best Smash Bros. players in the world in just a few minutes.

The Smash Bros. Choose Your Own Adventure is brimming with annotations for you to choose what happens next in the melee. It is essentially a tool assisted speedrun, with the fight being played frame-by-frame with all the cool parts recorded. When the speedrunner messes up, they rewind the game and try again. Using this method to create the Smash Bros. Choose Your Own Adventure, the fights are so pristine they are practically void of human error.

As the video slows down, viewers are able to choose which option they would like the “player” to take. There are 13 unique endings and 17 paths, but only one will get you a win. If you think you what route will lead you to Smash Bros. glory, try the TAS below.

How come the most exciting thing about video games right now is seeing what creative things fans might to do classic games and not anything new on the horizon? Perhaps because labours of love like these are more inspiring than more commerce? If you have a hypothesis that explains this phenomenon, we would love to hear it in the comments or on our social medias.

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