SMITE Goes To Hell and Back Ahead of World Championship

Hi-Rez Studios is kicking off the SMITE World Championship this Thursday, January 7th, to determine the best SMITE players in the world with a prize pool of $1,000,000 for the PC World Championship and $150,000 for the Xbox One Invitational. The SMITE World Championship will be broadcast on Twitch. Tune into the action here starting at 11 am EST on Thursday. Before the World Championship begins, there will be a keynote address that will include several announcements for SMITE, Hi-Rez’s all-new FPS Paladins and the studio’s upcoming mobile game, Jetpack Fighter.

To commemorate the event, Hi-Rez has released a brand new cinematic trailer for SMITE titled “To Hell and Back.” Get hyped for God-on-God battle with the epic trailer below. No sign of the Japanese Gods that are rumoured to be joining the pantheon of Gods to fight with, but it’s still awesome.

The new trailer isn’t the only thing Hi-Rez Studios have to offer before the World Championships are underway. In honour of SWC week, the Ultimate God Pack will be on sale for 33% off for both PC players and Xbox One Gold members from today through Sunday, January 10th. Buying the Ultimate God Pack enables players to get ALL Gods current and future, with micro-transactions only for cosmetic skins.

For more information on the SMITE World Championship and the full tournament schedule, please visit

In case you have not yet tried this divine, free-to-play MOBA, check our SMITE review to find out what you can expect when you sign up for free (or buy the Ultimate God Pack on sale).

If you spotted any clues regarding the game’s future in the trailer, please share your conspiracy theories with us in the comments. Is it crazy to suggest that there may be a possession element being added to the game?

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