Snoop Dogg Takes His Xbox LIVE Very Seriously

Yesterday, Xbox LIVE was experiencing some issues, much to the disappointment of rap legend Snoop Dogg. The rapper posted a video to Instagram, issuing a steely threat: “Fix your sh*t or PlayStation here we come.”

Microsoft, you have been warned.

As you might expect, Snoop Dogg’s message to Microsoft–specifically Xbox LIVE–was laden with strong language. If you are offended by strong language, skip the video. Anyone who is not offended by strong language and wants to see Snoop Dogg call out Xbox LIVE, see it below.

Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come ✨

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

“A message to Xbox One or Microsoft or whoever the f*ck: Y’all f*ckin’ servers f*ckin’ wack, man, y’all gonna make me switch to PlayStation if y’all don’t ever get this sh*t fixed. It’s that difficult to play somebody online. What the fuck is you doing, Bill Gates? Fix your sh*t, man.”

Bill Gates has not responded to Snoop’s message, most likely because it has been lost in a flood of messages from unhappy Xbox One owners. Microsoft is no doubt accustomed to verbal assaults via social media, but shots fired from Snoop Dogg must be both an honour and incredibly humiliating.

For what it’s worth, Xbox LIVE is up and running now…but it may be too late to win back the legend’s support.

Ironically, PlayStation Network’s servers were also down recently. So even if Snoop Dogg does make the switch, he may not be saved from inconvenience.

Either way, if there’s one thing that can ensure that there are no more online gaming blackouts in the near future, it is a stern message from Snoop Dogg.

Have you ever played against/with Snoop Dogg on Xbox LIVE? If so, we want to hear about it!

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