Sony Announces PS4 Pro, Sparks Mass Confusion Across the Internet

Yesterday, Sony finally confirmed the video game industry’s worst kept secret: the Neo, officially known as the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is a more powerful machine that will support 4K and HDR. So far, impressions are mixed.

The PS4 Pro’s super-powered hardware specs do present some intriguing possibilities, specifically involving improved frame-rates for VR and standard console games. But that stuff’s not confirmed as of yet. Largely, the general surrounding the new machine is: “Why should I buy this? What’s the appeal aside from it’s new? What do I do if I don’t own a fancy TV?”

Take a look at the Internet’s reaction to the new machine below.

I must admit, this new PlayStation is pretty underwhelming. What do you think about the 4K iteration of the PlayStation 4?

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