Hackers Flip Super Metroid on its Side, Make Game Even Harder

If you have played Super Metroid for the SNES, you no doubt still have nightmares of getting stuck somewhere in the Zebes’ base with absolutely no idea where to go. Super Metroid is still one of the hardest games we have ever played because it never gave you any indication of what to do or where to go. Success in the game depended on players being clever enough to realize that they could now unlock the door they past two hours ago now that they had unlocked the ice beam.

Completing Super Metroid is a massive achievement in of itself. But now, thanks to a recently released hack from metroidconstruction.com user SMILEuser96, completing Super Metroid is harder than ever before. The new hack rotates the SNES 2D action platformer 90 degrees clockwise. Samus, however, remains orientated as before. This means you play Super Metroid on its side.

This makes for incredibly difficult platforming action. Something as simple as running down a long, dark, ominous hallway has become an exercise in button-mashing. A group of people did work together to help iron out “permastucks”–parts of the game that are impassable as a result of it being flipped on its side–from the hack, but even with permastucks removed it’s dang near impossible.

Witness the madness of this hack below.

If you want to play the hardest game ever made harder, you can download the hack from Metroid Construction.

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