Teach Yourself How To Code with Minecraft

Microsoft has announced a new Minecraft coding tutorial for students and teachers. The material has been specifically created for Hour of Code, a campaign focused on getting people to participate in computer science, and allows people to familiarize themselves with the basics of coding within the entertaining realm of Minecraft. It is available now on Code.org.

The new Minecraft coding tutorial is built to cater to anyone ages 6 and up and will reportedly encourage players to start learning new skills in various virtual languages, all while mining, crafting and exploring in a Minecraft world. A set of 14 challenges are available, as well as “free play time” to explore coding concepts learned throughout the tutorial.

I don’t know about you but I think this is a brilliant initiative. Our dependence on digital isn’t going anywhere, barring an Earth-wide EMP from a massive solar flare that wipes out technology, and it’s important that every learn at least a little bit of code to better understand the how these tools work. And learning how to code with Minecraft is such an easy way to get people excited to learn code. You mean I get to learn a new skill just by playing around in my favourite fictional world? Sign me up!

To see how Minecraft coding tutorial in action, watch the promo video below.

If elementary school looked like this when I was growing up, maybe I wouldn’t have faked sick so many days to stay home and play video games. Haha I’m joking of course. I would have still faked sick to play my video games instead of the ones chosen by teacher.

As well as the new tutorial, Microsoft will also support the global Hour of Code campaign by leading thousands of events in more than 50 countries around the world. Events will take place at Microsoft stores, offices, as well as partnered centres and schools.

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