TERA: The Lost Isle is Now Online

En Masse announced on October 13th that TERA’s Lost Isle update has launched. So what does this mean for Arborea? The update replaces The Isle of Dawn with a new starter island, Stepstone Isle. Not only will a new story kick off the game in this new starter zone, but it will also feature “an accelerated path to action,” leading us to believe that players, both new and hardcore fans that want to start a new character on Stepstone Isle, will get players off the island and into core gameplay faster than before.




In addition to the new starter zone, TERA’s character creation menu is receiving a facelift. Players will be able to “mix and match races and classes on a single screen.” The intention behind the tweak is to help players find “the combination that works best for [them].” Players will also be able to move their characters around from this screen.

And good news for mid-level TERA players, it’s not just newbies that stand to benefit from the latest update. Gridiron Academy is a newly-added zone that will allow players to partake in an experience similar to the level 65 Gridiron PvP battleground while they are level 40-64. This new zone will include Vanguard quests and reputation rewards.

The “Returning Hero” menu will greet returning players of level 58-65. This new feature allows players to “seamlessly re-engage with TERA via gear upgrades and walkthroughs of new features and essential skills.”

For more information on the latest TERA update, head to the game’s official site. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack, starting October 15th, which will mark the beginning of Halloween celebrations across Arborea.



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