The Binding of Isaac Will Not Be Available on iOS

Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez has been hyping up The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for weeks, sharing plenty of images from the game on his Twitter. Unfortunately, Apple has rejected the game’s application to be released on its devices, making his hype campaign all for nothing.

Take a look at iTunes Connect’s letter of reject below via Tyrone Rodriguez’s Twitter.

Apple’s message reads, “Your app contains content or features that depict violence towards, or abuse of, children, which is not allowed on the App.”

It’s not too surprising that Apple would not allow The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to be sold on the App Store on the grounds that it depicts violence/abuse towards children as the game’s story revolves around a mother hearing “divine” voices that prompt her to do terrible things to her child, Isaac. I, for one, thought it might get a pass because the story is inspired by a Bible story, but apparently not.

Even more surprising is that Nintendo, who has a long history of censoring any controversial content, had no problem launching The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on the 3DS and the Wii U. Initially Nintendo rejected an early port of the game, but this was due to religious overtones as opposed to child abuse and violence.

What do you think of The Binding of Isaac’s iTunes App Store rejection? Is Apple in the right to keep out of the App Store because of its disturbing content or are they missing the point of the game’s story?

Let us know what you think about Apple’s rejection on TwitterFacebook or in the comments.

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