The Free MMORPG That Blizzard Doesn’t Want You To Know About

As the World of Warcraft wanes, a new free MMORPG emerges as its potential successor…

Blizzard Entertainment has had a monopoly on the MMORPG genre for as long as we can remember. However, their reign may soon be over. For the entire year, World of Warcraft has been losing subscribers, which eventually prompted the studio to announce that they would no longer be reporting subscription numbers going forward. The once indestructible Blizzard machine that is World of Warcraft is now showing cracks in its armor, which is why Blizzard definitely does not want you to know about the free MMORPG Felspire.



Why not? First of all, Felspire costs nothing. There are no monthly subscription fees, just a cash shop if you are so inclined. And while the overall presentation of the game isn’t as polished as Blizzard’s international hit, Felspire’s gameplay gets the edge against World of Warcraft’s simply because it has eliminated the tedious parts of MMORPG gaming that’s always made playing World of Warcraft a bit of a drag in recent years.

Autopathing, a function now common in free MMORPGs that allows players to relinquish control of their character to the computer, is somewhat controversial in the gaming community. Video game purists argue autopathing is bad because it’s not you, the user, actually playing the game. So then, what’s the point? It might as well be a Let’s Play video, right?

We are going to take the controversial stance and say that there’s nothing wrong with autopathing because it streamlines the MMORPG experience, which isn’t so bad when playing a free MMORPG. Sure, there is something admirable about someone investing 100+ hours hacking, slashing and clicking enemies until your wrist is crippled with carpal tunnel to reach the higher levels. But who has the time?

Felspire is a free MMORPG that uses autopathing and it has taught us that there’s nothing wrong with delegating leveling and inconsequential quests to the computer as they are essentially just padding. It leaves you more time to do the fun stuff like PvP and guild raids with a super-powered character you didn’t have to toil over to play as. We would compare our experience autopathing Felspire to what addicts refer to as, “A moment of clarity.” It was a sudden, deep acceptance of the truth that was impossible for us to see before: the majority of our time playing MMORPGs is spent leveling and leveling in MMORPGs is banal and boring.

If you dare see the light of autopathing, the virtue of inheriting a super-powered character without pouring blood, sweat and tears into it, then try Felspire today.


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