The Most Epic Star Wars: Battlefront Duel Ever

Just because Star Wars: Battlefront is a little lean on content doesn’t mean that there can’t be totally epic moments. Take, for example, this duel captured by YouTuber Nick Nixon that features two mortal enemies recognizing that they are not so different after all and decide to settle things like true galactic gentlemen.

It is, in short, the most epic Star Wars: Battlefront duel ever.

Endlessly amusing, the most epic Star Wars: Battlefront duel does raise some questions. Specifically, is it an organic duel or a choreographed one to be a viral hit? The dual shield deployments and hand gestures are just a bit too perfect…

We choose to believe that the most epic Star Wars: Battlefront duel ever happened naturally, but if you feel otherwise, we’d love to know why in the comments.

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