This Is The Right Way To Watch VR Games

“You have to use virtual reality to understand what it’s like,” is a VR games mantra we are sick and tired of hearing. It excludes anyone that does not have the means to spend $600 on VR headsets (of which there are many, we assume), making VR games feel unwelcoming and elitist. In fairness, virtual reality is a brand new technology, one that cannot easily be translated to traditional forms of media like print, photo and video. But if VR games are going to make the splash they are expected to, developers need to figure out a way to demonstrate the VR gaming experience to entice potential users to save up. Luckily, there might be a way to experience VR games without buying a VR headset on the way…

The developers of upcoming VR game Fantastic Contraption used a HTC Vive headset, a camera and a couch to come up with a very good way of communicating the VR games experience to the uninitiated without resorting to those weird fisheye videos that show you the user’s point of view. Instead, they have created a window into a virtual reality world, perfect for observing from a mundane, 2D display.

Watch the video below to see one of the best demonstrations of the VR games experience below.

The abstract concept of a VR building game instantly becomes concrete when you can watch a real person interacting with the virtual space. Here he is building an odd little vehicle out of rods and sticky wheels, but it appears that it could work for any VR games that let players move around in a designated space.

Fantastic Contraption creator Colin Northway calls these VR demonstrations “mixed reality” streams, and you can subscribe to his Twitch channel if you want to catch more as they go live.

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