The Top 5 Free Games of 2015

2015 was incredible year for games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Bloodborne and many other games showed off the power of current generation consoles, but what was left for us gamers that don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on the hottest new games or even new consoles? Well, we are happy to report that 2015 was also an excellent year for free games.

If you’re looking to be endlessly entertained without having to spend a dime, continue reading because these 5 free games were the best free games 2015 had to offer. And we guarantee they’ll continue to be great into the new year.

5. Forge of Empires

Forge Of Empire

If you want to play a free real time strategy game without the worry of all your progress getting ruined by other players while you’re AFK, Forge of Empires is what you need to wet your whistle. Rather than focus on PvP, Forge of Empires emphasizes a single-player, story campaign so you don’t have to fret about your barracks getting burned down when you’re not looking. Enjoy all the fun of a Civilization game but without paying a cent.

PLAY Forge of Empires FOR FREE!


4. Nords: Heroes of the North


Nords: Heroes of the North is a rare free MMORTS game because it’s one of the few free MMORTS games that is not 100% self-serious. Rather than go for the usual doom-and-gloom tone, Plarium decided to have a bit of fun with Nords and injected a sense of humour into the building and conquering action. They even enlisted the help of Patrick Warburton, whom you know as Joe on Family Guy and David Puddy on Seinfeld, to play King Björn the Awesome. A little humour goes a long way, but it also doesn’t hurt that the gameplay and graphics are spot-on.

PLAY Nords: Heroes of the North FOR FREE!


3. Nightfalls


Another free fantasy MMORPG that miraculously sidestepped the usual mistakes free MMORPGs tend to make, Nightfalls is a game with an incredible sense of pace. Like rolling a snowball down a mountain, it might start small but within minutes the game becomes a full-on avalanche of awesome with new magical melee attacks unlocked every few minutes. The frequency at which you unlock a new ability that’s both badass and gorgeously animated makes it a real struggle to ever put this game down.

With classic turn-based, tactical combat, Nightfalls is great for RPG nostalgists and people new to the genre alike. If you have an aversion to scantily clad women with broad swords and big axes, you might want to stay away from this game…



2. Star Trek: Alien Domain

star trek alien domain

Browser-based MMO strategy game Star Trek: Alien Domain puts players in command of a star ship fleet trapped in fluidic space tasked with building a home base to ensure survival in these dark, mysterious reaches of the universe. Choose between the Federation and the Klingon Empire to gain access to unique faction ships and officers to help you combat the nefarious Species 8472 and other evils hiding in unexplored sector of the universe.

This free game is a must for all Star Trek fans as it expands the stories of fluidic space and Species 8472 in the Star Trek universe. If you’re a Trekkie, you’re in for a treat because Star Trek: Voyager only scratched the surface. And even if you are not a Star Trek fan, you can still have hours of fun for free colonizing barren planets, conquering other players’ outposts, building your own space base or getting into dogfights with other star ships. And if none of that sounds like fun, boy, you need to get your priorities straight.



1. Felspire


If you love fantasy MMORPGs, you are going to fall in love with Felspire. Set in the world of Emeros, a world overrun by beasts who have crossed through the Felspire portal from the underworld, players must choose between the Warrior, Archer and Mage classes and return order to the world while advancing to new, specialized roles within the classes.

Felspire tops our best free games of 2015 list because the game knows how tedious the endless grinding in most free MMORPGs can be. After unlocking the game’s AFK Helper, which happens after your second class advancement, Felspire becomes a series of PvP arenas, dungeons and guild battles that you won’t want to pull yourself away from while you can let the computer do all the busy-work. Felspire is a free MMORPG that puts the player experience ahead of cash shop transactions coupled with addictive gameplay. It is the free MMORPG you didn’t know you were waiting for.


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