The UniJoystiCle is the Greatest Gaming Innovation of the Year

Motion controllers were created to make video games more immersive. And though motion controllers have failed to deliver on this promise, there is one excitable, wig-wearing man that taped an iPhone to the pedal of his unicycle so he could finally truly be immersed in a game with a motion controller.

Richard Quesada is a developer who goes by “,” and calls his latest creation the “UniJoystiCle”. It controls a Commodore 64 game called Uni Games that he also built. Quesada cheekily describes the whole package on his website as a “unique immersive experience, much better than VR.”

Quesada didn’t just pull this idea out of nowhere — he’s part of a group based in Berkeley, California that goes off-road unicycling in their spare time. (In fact Uni Games appears to be an 8-bit recreation of that experience.) He’s made all the source code available for download, as well as the game (which is emulator compatible, but you know you’d rather play it on a Commodore 64 with a 5 1/4-inch floppy disk). But the best part is he’s continuing to support the idea, releasing firmware updates and tweaking the source code to make it better. Hey, it’s cheaper than an Oculus.

Check out the year’s greatest gaming innovation, the UniJoystiCle, below.

Simple, yet robust!

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