Things Gamers are Tired of Hearing

If you have been gaming for a while and identify as a gamer, it shouldn’t be difficult to compile a list of things that you have heard over and over again in regards to how you choose to spend your free time.

Get out of the house more! Games are a waste of time! Games are a waste of money! Playing video games give people a false sense of accomplishment!

Trust me, we’ve heard it all.

But of course, their attempts at shaming us rarely succeed in dissuading us from enjoying our favorite hobby to the fullest extent. After all, hearing all the same criticisms over and over again has enabled us to have a reply in the chamber and ready to be fired, like, “If you’re playing with your friends in a party chat, you’re still socializing.”

If you relate to all of this, check out the hilarious video by BBC Three below because it is very cathartic. Just when you thought you’ve heard it all…

What’s the one thing that you hear the most?

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