This Is How The Warcraft Movie Should Sound

The first Warcraft movie of what could be many Warcraft movies is set to arrive in theatres this summer, however, they may need to push the release date back to get the sound design right.

Upon first watching the Warcraft movie trailer, we suspected that this adaptation of the beloved video game franchise would at least go over well with fans. Then YouTuber Robert Mermet uploaded a new version of the Warcraft movie trailer that revealed a glaring mistake Duncan Jones and co. had made.

Rather than foist an epic score and bellowing, stock fantasy sound effects onto audiences, the filmmakers should have taken it straight from the source material. Robert Mermet lifted sound effects, music and snippets of dialogue from the 1995 classic RTS game Warcraft II and slid it all into the Warcraft movie trailer accordingly. The result is more exciting than the original trailer itself!

Witness the brilliance of the Warcraft movie trailer featuring the sounds of Warcraft II below.

“Zug-zug!” Now that is a classic line from the Warcraft movie we won’t soon forget! Move over, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” and “I am your father!”, there’s a new top movie quote in town!

Director Duncan Jones still has a few months to add the right sound effects–found in the 1995 PC classic–to the final cut. Fingers crossed that we get at least one “Zug-zug.”

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