This Is The Best Part of Any MMORPG

Regardless of an MMORPG’s plot, setting, bells and whistles, this always ends up being our favourite part of the game.

Character creation is paramount in any MMORPG because no MMORPG gamer wants to play a generic stock character. We want to carve out our own roles with characters that are wholly unique. And while all MMORPG gamers share a love for character creation, there are only two types of characters created in MMORPGs:

  1. Those that create characters with a straight face, the goal being to create a character that looks as terrific (or, at the very least, interesting) as the game will allow.
  2. Those that create characters with an impish grin, abusing the character creation tools to create wicked monstrosities.

If you do not fall in the latter group, please watch the video below by YouTuber Pvt Wiggles to see firsthand the fun you are missing out on.

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but we firmly believe that the fun that can be had messing around in the character creation of MMORPGs almost eclipses any fun had from PvP, PvE, raids and other activities that are staples of the MMORPG genre.

How do you like to create your characters? Do you skip over it? Do you meticulously spend hours recreating your own likeness in a fantasy world? Are you a mischievous devil like Pvt Wiggles? Please discuss in the comments.

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