This Fully Functional Smartphone Is The Most Impressive Thing Ever Built in Minecraft

The partnership between CaptainSparklez and Verizon yielded the coolest Minecraft construction ever: a fully functioning smartphone.

YouTuber CaptainSparklez, also known as Jordan Maron, recently partnered with Verizon to build the most impressive thing ever built in Minecraft. That’s not a proclamation we throw around lightly considering there are no shortage of jaw-dropping structures and contraptions that have been built in Minecraft. And although what CaptainSparklez built is technically sponsored content from a evil-ish corporation, it doesn’t make it any less cool.

CaptainSparklez managed to build a massive, fully-functioning cellphone in the game. It can be used to browse the internet as well as make video calls with people. Minecraft can’t really process images at high-res, but still, video calls and web pages rendered in blocks is pretty dang cool. Furthermore, whoever is receiving the video call from the monolithic Minecraft construction will see the caller as an in-game avatar. The smartphone can even take selfies and send them out into the real world.

Watch it in action below:

So, how is it possible for a massive smartphone built out of blocks work to communicate and interact with the outside world? Here’s Verizon, describing what’s going on in the video:

In the world of Minecraft, almost everything is made of blocks. We’ve created a web application, Boxel, that translates real web pages and streaming video into blocks so they can be built on a Minecraft server in real time. Our server plugin uses Boxel-client to handle the communication between Minecraft and the real world as translated by the web application.

You can read more of the nitty gritty technical aspects at play here, where you can also download the entire thing yourself, if you’d like to try it out.

Personally, I’m a bit hesitant to try it because I feel that this smartphone monolith is a precursor to a real life Matrix. But that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

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