This Is The Overwatch Animated Short We Deserve

To build the mythology of the universe before the full game arrives on May 24th, Blizzard has been releasing Overwatch animated shorts.

As far as a video game marketing strategy goes, it’s really innovative. It gives you a feel for the characters and some interesting context that enhances your enjoyment and understanding of the game’s stakes.

And though they are brilliantly animated, the Overwatch animated shorts do suffer from some clunky, predictable writing. Sorry, but not even Blizzard bats 1000.

Source Filmmaker animator Krunkidile revealed how predictable the shorts by describing how the latest one highlighting Hanzo and Genji in a recent stream and then animating it. And the result was shockingly accurate.

Watch Krunkidile’s version below and prepare to laugh.

Now watch the actual Overwatch animated short featuring Hanzo and Genji and prepare to be amazed by how freakishly accurate Krunkidile’s prediction was.

Holy smokes. Take down of the century.

I hope Blizzard doesn’t see Krunkidile’s parody because they are no doubt going to be kicking themselves for spending all kinds of money on animating these shorts when they could have just hired a YouTuber to do it for them…

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