This Is The Right Way To Market a Video Game

Earlier this week, we did a quick round up and ranking of the celebrity cameos in video game commercial for the 2015 holiday season. While those commercials with the foresight to cast Stringer Bell were resounding successes–because who in their right mind doesn’t love Idris Elba?–, most of them were not very good. I say this only because I don’t really care which celebrities video game publishers were able to entice with dump trucks full of money. I want to see the game in action so that I know what I’m shelling $80 dollars for. And unless the game comes with a play date with Cara Delevingne, I see her presence in a commercial as irrelevant.

When the latest TV spot for Fallout 4 appeared on my TV screen late last night, it was a revelation. In 15-seconds, Bethesda took all other video game marketers to school. Watch the spot below to see the right way to market a video game.

The thing about this TV spot is that it invested its resources in the right places. It shows the only two things that matter to gamers: gameplay and the reviews publishers paid for.

Setting aside money to book the highest paid actor in the world for a commercial is the wrong place to allocate resources, publishers. Instead, just invest in the game itself and spend the money you would have paid Michael B. Jordan to pay for perks for video game reviewers. As we all know, 90+ review scores make a huge difference and we only give those out for publishers that have buttered us up.

That said, I’d like to remind all publishers reading this that is available to receive whatever perks you want to send our way. We’ll say whatever you want about your game, like, “This game is better than air, sex, food and water all combined! 100 out of 10!” while omitting any nasty details like a totally busted user-interface that might turn gamers off.

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