This Is What a GoldenEye Remake Would Look Like

I cannot even begin to estimate how many hours I have invested in playing GoldenEye for N64. Even now, nearly 20 years after its release, I am still tempted to unearth my old N64 from my parents’ basement so that I can continue my utter domination of the Archives stage.

With classic games getting remakes all the rage, it is impossible for gamers of my generation not to pine for a GoldenEye remake (a proper remake, not some weird imposter starring Daniel Craig). Anyone who grew up with the revolutionary first-person-shooter would love to revisit their childhood in 1080p and brand new, smooth textures, wouldn’t they? However, a GoldenEye remake is highly unlikely to ever come to fruition. Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has stated that the company has tried to get their hands on the rights to GoldenEye for a remake multiple times, but it was simply too difficult. “GoldenEye rights are so challenging, looked at this many times,” said Spencer. “Lot’s of different parties to work with, we’ve always given up.”

So while an official GoldenEye remake is something we can only dream of, YouTuber Jude Wilson has taken the initiative to show us what a GoldenEye remake might look like. Using the Unreal Engine 4, Wilson recreated the Facility level from the game as a part of an assignment for his master’s degree. Combining a mix of the N64 game’s original layout combined with the film’s look and feel, the video below is bittersweet. Bitter because deep down we know that a GoldenEye remake may never come, but also sweet because, if you are like me, you spent so much time shooting your friends in the Facility stage that you think of it as an old friend too.

What a GoldenEye Remake Would Look Like

Oh great. Now I want a GoldenEye remake even more than before…

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