This Is What Harry Potter Go Might Look Like

Since the staggering success of Pokemon GO, we can only assume it’s just a matter of time before other franchises jump on the Augmented Reality band wagon, perhaps starting with Harry Potter GO?

Of all the franchises that could (and probably will) get the GO treatment someday, the magical world of Harry Potter makes sense from a gameplay perspective.

Getting sorted into a house, hunting for magical creatures using the Marauder’s Map, looking down your nose at muggles that haven’t downloaded the app and seeing your parents brutally murdered in front of you at an early age are just a handful of the reasons why Harry Potter GO would work.

Of course, a Harry Potter GO game won’t happen until J.K. Rowling licenses her intellectual property, but that hasn’t stopped Stargaze Media from putting together a fun little teaser trailer that shows off what the game might look like.

Take a look at the hypothetical Harry Potter GO game below.

Just to reiterate, this not a game that’s currently in development nor is there anything that leads us to believe that this will come to fruition soon. However, an online petition called ‘Accio Harry Potter Go: We Want a Harry Potter Version of Pokemon Go!’ has been launched and it has almost 50,000 signatures.

Stranger things have happened…


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