This Is Why Link Never Speaks

Link, the famous protagonist of Nintendo’s iconic Legend of Zelda series that still–inexplicably–gets confused with the series’ titular character, never speaks. And even though we live in a time where voice acting in a video game is a basic requirement, series producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that a talking Link “could be good” for the series down the line, but fans shouldn’t expect to hear Link’s voice any time soon. The reason for why Link never speaks may surprise you.

“We’ve had a lot of requests from fans to hear [Link’s] voice,” Aonuma told GamesMaster, as reported by NintendoEverything. “And while in some ways I do feel that it could be good to have a game where he speaks, part of me also feels that that air of proud independence he has because he doesn’t speak is a precious part of the individuality of his character.”

He added: “I want to think long and hard about whether changing that would be for the better or not before I make any decision.”

I always assumed why Link never speaks had something to do with immersing the player as the character. Since the technology for players to input their own voices into the game’s code isn’t readily available, making Link the silent type allows players to fill in Link’s blanks through the power of imagination. But no, apparently the reason why Link never speaks is because he is too fiercely independent to even acknowledge/validate the anyone speaking directly to him.

The next Legend of Zelda game is Twilight Princess HD for Wii U, an updated version of the 2006 GameCube/Wii role-playing game that launches in March. Looking beyond that, Nintendo is also working on a brand new Zelda game for Wii U, though we still don’t know a lot about it.

Would you be interested in hearing Link speak in a future Zelda game? Let us know what you think onTwitterFacebook or in the comments below.

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