This Season’s Celebrity Cameos in Video Game Commercials, Ranked

Some celebrities are helping themselves to a little extra Christmas cash this holiday season by appearing in big budget commercials for the most hyped video game releases of the year. For the most part, these live-action, celebrity-filled video game commercials are confusing and unsettling. “Just show us the game!” is what I always shout at my screen whenever a video game’s marketing team has decided to entrust Cara Delevingne’s big, sexy eyebrows to convince me to play a game rather than show the product itself.

Because featuring a celebrity cameo in a video game commercial seems utterly pointless to us, yet we know that this trend will continue unabated for quite some time, we have taken it upon ourselves to rank this season’s celebrity cameo in video game commercials so that marketing teams take notice and respond accordingly.

From worst to best, here are this season’s celebrity cameos in video game commercials, ranked.

Mariah Carey for Game of War

No offense to Mariah but she seems totally out of place. Like she’s asking herself and everyone on set, “What is this for? Why am I here? Did you see Glitter?” I’m not sure if replacing Kate Upton with a past-her-prime diva was a good move but here we are.


Anna Kendrick for Star Wars: Battlefront

People were losing their shit when this commercial dropped. “OMFG ANNA KENDRICK CAN QUOTE STAR WARS!” What this commercial doesn’t show you is all the people reappearing moments later after realizing that Star Wars: Battlefront is a rip-off.


Cara Delevingne, Michael B. Jordan and Marshawn Lynch for Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this commercial. Michael B. Jordan seems like a cool dude, Cara Delevingne looks like a total badass and Marshawn Lynch is just adorable. However, we can’t give these celebs a job well done on their video game commercial cameos because the commercial broke a cardinal sin of game advertising: thou shalt never advertise a video game without showing any actual gameplay. For shame.


Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer for The Rise of Tomb Raider

This is the type of commercial that makes us wonder, “Why isn’t Broad City in all the ads?” Seriously, it’s fantastic.


Idris Elba for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

After his turn as Stringer Bell in The Wire, Idris Elba can do no wrong. And yes, that rule applies to this commercial.

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