Tom Clancy’s The Division Has One Really Weird Feature

One of the year’s most anticipated games, Tom Clancy’s The Division, is filled to the brim with cool features. An open world, third-person shooter, RPG game with survival elements, the genre-blending game seems promising because who doesn’t want to explore a deserted New York City amidst a deadly pandemic, gaining experience points from jump scares and shootouts along the way?

While all the bells and whistles of Tom Clancy’s The Division are not yet known, GamesRadar+ uncovered one really feature within the game. See it below and ask yourself, “Why did the game devs take the time to include this in the game?”

He's not actually going to… oh. Oh God.

Posted by GamesRadar+ on Friday, January 15, 2016

Among all the questions gamers have had about Tom Clancy’s The Division, “Does the game include dogs pooping?” has been the most pressing. Now we know that the game does indeed include stray dogs using the abandoned streets of Manhattan as their own 22.7 square mile bathroom.

Tom Clancy games all strive for a certain amount of realism…but is this too far?

Regardless of how we feel about this bizarre attention to detail, Ubisoft just announced the dates for The Division’s closed beta. The Division’s beta will run from January 28th-31st on Xbox One and from the 29th-31st on PC and PS4. No word yet on what the beta will include, or if another will follow before the game’s 8th March release date. If you want to sign up for The Division’s beta, you can do so here:

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