Top 5 Late-Game League of Legends Champions

One quality we always look for when selecting League of Legends champions is endurance. We expect our matches to last at least an hour so that we can steal a win with tried and true late-game League of Legends champions. If you want to give the old rope-a-dope strategy a try in your next League match, give one of these 5 Late-Game of Legends Champions a try. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to steal a win late in the game, that’s entirely up to you. At least with one of these 5 champions, you are giving yourself the best chance at winning.

5. Trundle

What makes Trundle so useful in late-game is his alt, which steals 40% of an enemy’s armour and magic resist while healing himself off the champion he alts. If Trundle has spent the majority of the match as AD, releasing him to go HAM on the opposing team’s Tanks will virtually guarantee a victory. If he’s been playing Tank all game, he can become the most dangerous Tank in the game by the late-stages being un-killable with almost 400 armour and 400 magic resist.


4. Thresh

Thresh’s greatest strength in late-game is his passive, which allows him to steal souls from enemy and neutral minions that grants him basically permanent armour and ability power. If you can amass over 100 souls by late-game, Thresh becomes an un-killable tank thanks to this passive while still dealing a good amount of damage with your abilities.


3. Sion

Scion’s W passive gives two extra health, permanent extra health for every small monster and minion killed and 10 extra permanent health for every big monster killed. All this extra health really comes in handy in late-game situations because it is possible to horde up extra health in the thousands, making it a real headache for the opposing team to burn through all the HP of this frontline, invisible champion. Some champions can burn through it quickly, so be careful.


2. Veigar

A controversial pick, we know. But hear us out. Veigar’s Q ability shoots out two bolts and if it kills an enemy minion, it grants you 1 AP. Since there are two bolts fired, if both bolts kill minions at low health, you get 2 AP! This allows you to stack AP that can be used for any ability, which is great because Veigar’s alt deals an insane amount of damage. Comes in handy when late in the game.


1. Nasus

Nasus is probably the most well-known late-game League of Legends champion simply because stacking his Q is totally OP. If you kill 400 minions with the Q, that’s 1200 stacks. He is easily kite-able, but his low-cooldowns and the amount of damage he can deal makes him worth the risk late in the game.

Who are your Top 5 Late-Game League of Legends Champions? Let us who they are on TwitterFacebook or in the comments.

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