Streamer Banned After Beating His Girlfriend Live on Twitch

I don’t think it’s an unfair generalization to say that everyone who streams on Twitch does so with the intent of becoming Internet famous. And who can blame them? Can you imagine anything better than getting paid to play your favorite games for legions of adoring fans? Unfortunately, there are some Twitch streamers that go about claiming Internet fame in the worst possible ways. In the past, we’ve seen Twitch streamers flash their lady parts or jerk off on camera to get attention, but those pale in comparison to what this Twitch streamer did.

Today while streaming, JOEDADDY505 decided to physically abuse his girlfriend or wife while streaming. He did remember to cut off his video before initiating the abuse, but he unknowingly left his microphone on for all to hear.

The video of his Twitch stream was recorded on a mobile device by viewers that did not seem to realize what was initially going on. After a few chuckles about the screaming, they soon realized that this was way more serious than they first thought.

In the background audio, you can clearly hear a man yelling derogatory things at a woman. He calls her a slut, bitch and whore multiple times, followed by the sounds of physical abuse. She tells him to get off her, and threatens to call the police. This abuse goes on for minutes. The screaming is continuous throughout the entire video.

Below is the recording of the incident and it is deeply disturbing. Listen/watch at your own risk.

In addition to being banned from Twitch, his content from YouTube has also been removed.

Hats off to YouTuber ThE Book Of SwantE for ensuring JOEDADDY505 didn’t get away with this.

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