Has Uncharted 4 Already Been Spoiled?

Has Naughty Dog revealed too much about the fate of Nathan Drake at the end of Uncharted 4?

Uncharted 4 is reportedly the last entry in Naughty Dog’s action-adventure third-person shooter and they seem intent on drilling it into everyone’s heads by hinting at Nathan Drake’s on-coming demise. Aside from the game’s subtitle “A Thief’s End”–which definitely suggests Nathan Drake’s death–there have been far too many hints for comfort.

In a recent interview, series director Neil Druckmann suggested that Uncharted 4 will put a hard stop to the story of series protagonist Nathan Drake, one that would make it difficult for the series to continue under Sony.

“At the end of the day Sony owns Uncharted and they can do whatever they want,” Druckmann told Eurogamer at a recent event. “But with the end of this story it will be really hard to do a sequel with Nathan Drake. Maybe there’ll be a prequel, maybe it will be a different character—I don’t know. But this is the end for Nathan Drake.”

Druckmann’s comments to Eurogamer match quotes he gave to UK newspaper The Sun almost word for word, which suggests that the phrasing is very delibrate. He also told The Sun

“The first three had this trajectory of going bigger and more badass – we didn’t want to continue that trajectory, we didn’t want to become a caricature of ourselves,” he admits. “So we said, ok, set pieces are important, but how do you better tie set pieces with story so they come in at the right time to mirror some kind of personal conflict in the story?

“But also something we learned from the Last of Us is not all set pieces have to be big and explosive. Some of them can be small and intimate – and that lets us get much more interesting and introduce different pacing than in the previous Uncharted games”

Also in the Eurogamer interview, Druckmann clarified Uncharted 4’s upcoming dialogue tree.”The thing I want to make sure we’re clear about is that we’re not making Mass Effect,” Druckmann said in the interview, referencing the chat-heavy Bioware RPG series. “Uncharted has a very specific story, it has a very specific ending that’s very definitive to the franchise.”

A specific ending that’s very definitive to the franchise that will make it really hard for Sony to release an Uncharted 5…Hmmm…What else but death could it be? Will he stay true to his word and finally settle down with Elena? That seems too easy for Naughty Dog. As does killing off Nathan Drake. We do know that Elena at least follows Nathan to Madagascar thanks to the trailer, so perhaps Elena is the one that dies, spurring Nathan Drake to give up his treasure hunting obsessions for good?

What do you think? Will Nathan Drake die at the end of Uncharted 4?

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