Company Opens Virtual Office in Minecraft

Humanity took another stride in digitizing our future recently when Norwegian company Heisholt opened a virtual office inside the world of Minecraft.

Based in Oslo, Heisholt purchased land within the game’s servers and will hold actual meetings there with real clients. The company’s owner, Eric Heisholt, said that he intends to use the vast interconnectivity and amazing reach of Minecraft as a basis for developing new way to interact with people and develop ideas.

“The way people interact, talk, build and create inside Minecraft is fully of power, intelligence, collaboration and innovation. This is an equally important world for millions and millions of people, and we truly believe we can have new discussions leading to new answers, inside Minecraft,” Heisholt said in an interview.

Take a virtual tour of Heisholt’s Minecraft office in the video below.

Despite the blockiness and low-resolution, this might as well be the ideal modern office building with a ton of glass and great views. And the best part is that it was built exactly to its design requirements without blowing a ton of money or using valuable resources.

The building has offices for staff, with all the things they typically contain such as desks, shelves, and the occasional decorative ornament. Outside the building, there’s pleasant scenery and plenty of greenery and wildlife (i.e the delightful petting zoo full of farm animals). There’s even a boat you can use.

The only question is: will other businesses take their visionary initiative seriously?

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