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Warships Rising: A Brand New MMO Shooter for Mobiles

Up to 20 players in one battle.

Warship Rising is a brand new game by developer 6waves. Huge in size and scope, Warship Rising offers players the chance to compete in epic 10 v 10 real-time battles in huge and immersive arenas. It’s arguably the first game to bring the esports scene to the app market, allowing players to play competitively against each other.

Putting Warship Rising into just one genre is difficult; it’s a third person shooter that bears similarities to MMO games in its immersive gameplay. The touch screen controls make it easier to play on the go than any other online shooter, though. The battles in Warship Rising are the biggest to ever take place on mobile phones, with up to 20 players at a time competing in this esports environment. It’s a type of game that’s never been seen before.

Warship Rising

Pick a country and battle it out with your team against the enemy lands. Quick, intuitive, and responsive touch controls meaning communicating across your large team is simple and effective. Ask for support and give or receive commands at the touch of a button, bringing glory to yours and your teammates’ country.

Each warship is true to its World War 2 roots, with every one being designed meticulously to look like the real thing. The 3D visuals and visually striking graphics make this one of the best-looking apps around.

Warship Rising is available for download across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand in the Google Play Store. The game is also available in the Apple App Store for OBT in Canada and UK only. 6waves has confirmed that the game will be available for the US, Australia, and New Zealand upon official launch for iOS users.

See the action-packed trailer here:

Check out the Warship Rising Facebook Page here

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