Watch Pikachu’s New Lucha Libre Moves in Pokken Tournament

Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay video for Pokken Tournament, the upcoming fighting game for arcades and the Wii U.

It features everyone’s favourite adorable, super-charged mouse sporting a Lucha Libre outfit and some high-flying drop-kicks he must have been working on when the Pokemon TV show is on hiatus.

We won’t lie to you, we really don’t much about Lucha Libre wrestling. What we do know is that Pikachu is freaking adorable in that Lucha Libre costume and the game looks awesome, especially because Masked Pikachu’s moves are all augmented with thunder and lightning.

Watch Pikachu’s new Lucha Libre moves below

If you are not convinced that Pokemon can work as a fighting game, remember that The Pokemon Company has teamed up with Bandai Namco’s Tekken team. Veteran Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, who says the goal for the game is for it to appeal to all Pokemon fans, is overseeing development on the project.

“Whether you are a casual player, a regular player, or a hardcore player, anyone who like Pokemon can have fun,” Harada said.

The current characters on the roster include Lucario, Pikachu, Machamp and Charizard. We can’t wait to see what other Pokemon will be available to take into the ring.

Pokken Tournament is scheduled to launch worldwide for Wii U in spring 2016.

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